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Dec 18, 2010

After a long absence . . .

I find I'm more than eager to return to the swing of things. I've missed the natural order . . . the companionship and distraction I've found on the net. I never realized just how much I used it, not for fun, but for research. And well, yes, there was the fun stuff, too. *winks*

I've been busy writing though, despite it all. Somehwere along the way, I found the drive I needed to really start rolling forward and accomplish what I set out to do way back when. Though, really, I have to admit a huge part of that inspiration come in the form of a swift kick to the ass from someone very dear to my heart. You know who you are, darling, and I treasure every moment of our talks far more than you know. *smiles*

Maybe sometime soon I will share an excerpt from the book I have been working on. Until then, I will share this rambling free form I wrote the other day. A slice of my heart, the blood from my soul:

Fate Awaits
With trembling hand, I reach across the divide
An emptiness imposed by both time and space
But never an absence of the heart
For you are the breath that sustains me
And I am stained in your essence
The imprints you’ve left
The time we've spent waiting

Your words are a soothing balm to my soul
Your voice like the softest whisper from an angel
And just as forbidden
But I would cast aside heaven and its promises
I would forgo the gentle warmth of the sun just to lay beneath the shadow of your moon
For I am nothing in this world but yours

Speak to me not of right and wrong, for they cease to exist
It is your face I see, your voice that lingers in my ears
Burning, taunting, filling an insatiable need
The agony of absence, drawn by the well of loneliness
But I am never alone, for you are there
An apple fallen from the tree of Eden
My hunger, my thirst, my love . . .

Lay me beside you in the shadows, your breath upon my face
Whisper to me all that you would do, sweet decadence
A torture so exquisitely fine even Monet could not capture
The torch that blazes between you and I
The world revolves, the clock moves forward, and I let it go
For time and life both cease to exist without you to fill them

You fill the hollow cracks of my soul
A circle unending connects what no man has joined
A bond sealed by no lips but yours and mine
Take this bleeding heart and know that it is yours
An open testament of all that is and will be
And I will lie forever in the darkness
Spellbound and waiting--- eternally yearning
For your dreams and mine and all that is you

Adriana Noir ~ 2010


  1. Your heart bled on the page and I fight off tears for you say you're not a poet, but all evidence to the contrary. I can see two hearts beating in unison, fighting against the barriers keeping them apart. Alas, your words are full of pain, but there's hope, lingering in the shadows. I pray the dream never dies for life is always changing and someday the two hearts will mesh as one.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful, beautiful poem. Please, don't forget to tweet this poem, but in case you do, I'll share it with the world for you.

    Hugs and Happy Holiday to you. Welcome back!

  2. Beautiful. Straight from the heart like opening a vein. <3 Welcome back, TT!

  3. Glad you've been writing.

    Love the poem. Powerful and moving.

  4. I'm new here, via M Pax's blog. *waves* Nice to meet you.

    Beautiful, evocative poem.


  5. Thank you Lola and M Pax! :) It's great to be writing again, but even more so to see some new faces!