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Jan 27, 2011


I need to get some more serious writing in today, and I have a horror newsletter due Monday. That means I don't have much time for blogging this week. (I know--what else is new, huh?) I will be by to read your entries though. What can I say? You guys fascinate me.

Speaking of fascinating, if you haven't yet, please check out Nicole's upcoming blogfest. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and it's a quick, easy challenge. You can find the link here http://nicoleducleroir.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-new-blogfest-come-sign-up.html

Or by clicking on that awesome purpley banner located in my sidebar. (She has such awesome taste.) I hope to see you there!

~Best wishes and happy writing!~

Jan 16, 2011

All is Lost

The following excerpt is written from my main character's POV. I have to admit, I enjoy writing him. He's proven to be a fascinating and complex individual. This poem ties in with what I've written so far, and I suspect it is something he's been working on in his spare time. Perhaps it will make an appearance in the book. Perhaps not. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Ladies and gentleman, without any further ado, I give you a preview of Seir's poem:

All is Lost

So the moment comes, when redemption fades away.

It slowly curls like ashes beneath the light of day.

Darkness shreds my soul as I sink into the deep,

And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

I rise, but I am Fallen; blackness taints my wings.

Cursed love, take my light and the agony it brings.

Don’t speak to me of lonely; I live upon its shore.

Bereft of all but anger, I ache for something more.

A loner among many, I crave the absent sun,

Chained beneath the burden of all that I have done.

Love is but a memory, a secret that I keep.

And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

Jan 10, 2011

Stylish? Awards? What's this?

You can imagine my surprise when my dear friend, Nomar Knight nominated me for "The Stylish Blog Awards." Or maybe you can't. I went something like this: Adriana opens blog. Adriana reads. Eyes grow wide. Wider . . . Adriana spits coffee on monitor and falls victim to a hysterical bout of laughter.

I'm not what one would consider a blogger by any means. My topics are ecclectic. My posts sporadic as I try to juggle full-time family life with writing and my over compulsive urge to CLEAN. There are so many others out there who have beautiful pages filled with golden insights, wit, humor, emotion. They have the dedication to tend to their blogs on a regular basis, and they do such an amazing job.

Me? I dabble. I'm like the thrift-store blogger trying to make an appearance at the Emmy's in worn jeans and a faded tee. Or a cloak like trench coat as seen above. I'm about as far from stylish as I am from grace, and anyone who's ever seen me trip and stumble over "invisible" obstacles will agree!

With that said, I would like to thank Nomar for this opportunity. even with the strings attached, it's been fun. They go a little something like this: Once nominated, you must write seven things about yourself and thank the person who gave it to you. You also must nominate ten bloggers to receive the award.

Okay . . .  Here it goes!

1.  I'm fascinated by the concept of the fallen angels, and watchers who are said to walk among us. Being born on a Monday, the Arc Gabriel is my patron angel. Which probably explains my love of the moon.

2.  I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and coffee. If I don't have them I get headaches, and then I get mean.

3.  Spiders terrify me to the point of giving me panic attacks.

4.  I'm an empath and absorb any emotions around me like a sponge. I cry often and easily for people I don't even know.

5.  Light hurts my eyes. My mother claims it is from my "vampire blood." She may be right. My parents actually had my incisors FILED at the dentist's when I was a kid. Top and bottom. I had fangs. And yes, I do still bite!

6. I'm convinced muses are more than just the whisperings of our imagination. Too many strange things have happened.

7. When I get really excited, or think something is too cute . . . I start to shake from head to toe. My fingers hook and I will seize the nearest person or thing to me and squeeze with all I have. It can't be helped and it tends to be a bit painful for all involved. It's something I've done since I was a child and probably will never outgrow!

Now for the ten bloggers:










So there you have it! Be sure to check these awesome bloggers out. And again, thanks Nomar for the opportunity.

~Best wishes and happy writing!~

Jan 6, 2011

Spotlight Time! Author and poet: Nomar Knight

Nomar is someone very dear to my heart and an inspiration to many who have had the pleasure of crossing paths with him. Seldom a day goes by when I'm not awed by the sheer breadth of his talents. Most may know him as an incredible master of horror, but this man is the definition of versatile, and his skills as a poet are not to go without mention.  (I won't bring up his ability to play where the daylight burns and all that jazz. *wink*)

So, without further ado, here is a breathtaking poem penned by the one and only Mr. Knight:

On the Wings of Miracles
By Nomar Knight

It's not until I hear your voice

My breath returns

You are the very substance I crave

The melodic sound of whispers

Carried across miles of ocean

On the wings of miracles

No longer lying dormant

My will to survive

Jolts with electrical impulses

As if awakened by an impetuous Phantom

Hell-bent on destroying

Clouds saturated with ambivalence

Shock overtakes me

For the thought of escaping

An abominable crater

Built on self-depreciation

Evaporates when I hear

Your glorious call to life

Shame fills me with doubt

Surely I do not deserve your love

Angels weep and Hell grows silent

If a weakling such as I can be reborn

Then history will fold to mercy

Restoring the balance of ancient man

Speak and sprinkle words

So I can regain my place

In the presence of heavenly beauty

Your tongue nurtures

Your smile fans the flames of devotion

Forever sealing our love with the kiss of life

See? Isn't he wonderful? Be sure to check out his blog at Knight Chills and keep an eye on this up and coming author. I know there will be many great things from him in the future.

Thank you, Nomar, for allowing me the privilidge of sharing your work, and for being the fabulous man and mentor that you are!

~Best wishes and happy writing!~