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Feb 14, 2012

From my darkened tower

I’ve had to conjure my own love for Valentine’s Day. I hope you don’t mind. You see, up here in the observatory, I’m often left alone . . . forgotten with only the din below my chambers and the occasional scream to pass the time. I grow weary of the anguish knotting my throat and the raw peals of grief that threaten to break forth. So few come to visit here . . . and even less decide to stay.

So, if you should see a dark shadow roaming the halls, do not grow frightened. It is just my muse seeking solace in places I dare not explore. Though his wings are tattered and torn, they stretch far beyond where mere human eyes can see. We are are bound here in this solitude forever, the darkness and I. Trapped within these forsaken planes, lovers without form, empty specters beneath a blackened sky.

I am told all it takes is a wistful breath and you, too, can summon your heart’s fondest desire. And so, I leave all who dwell within these hallowed halls with the hope that you find all that you seek on this day as well as each one in the future that stretches into the great beyond.
Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends.

~Love and best wishes always~