"Published author, aspiring novelist . . . welcome to my world of madness!"

Jan 22, 2010

Random thoughts

"I tumble into a crimson tide of love lost and things remembered. No longer do I view the past as the chains that bind me, but the foundation on which I am built. Storms may rage, and rain may buffet my skin, but I stand strong, bold and daring in the face of danger. Through good times and bad, I long for the freedom of my words and the worlds they create. This magic, this wondrous blessing and curse, every fevered stroke of my pen, sets my soul ablaze and ignites the passion within. I am woman, yes. But, beneath this delicate facade lies something much more sinister. Something fierce; something indestructable and enduring . . . the heart and soul of a writer."


  1. Adriana!! Welcome to BlogSpot! I'm so happy to see a WDC sista in the house. I look forward to reading your thoughts and hearing your magical author's voice permeate the site. (((HUGS))) Nicki

  2. There is my Rae! I love your first entry. So powerful and so very true! I look forward to following your words here.