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Jan 30, 2010

Weekends are for resting?

Say it isn't so!

Not here, not this week.  After a hectic weekday onslaught and a massive cleaning spree, I found myself too drained to even log on to the computer.  While this left me behind in many areas, I did find time to enjoy a new book I purchased, shampoo all the carpets, shop, and scrub the house from top to bottom.  Last night, I feel into bed around 10:30, a new record for me!

I roused this morning rested and ready to face the day.  After much contemplation and coffee-filled musings, I managed to produce a lengthy, but informative horror newlsetter, complete with some great editor's picks.  Somehow, I made my way through thirty something e-mails, and even found the time to touch bases with a few dear friends both here and on WDC.  At the moment, I feel like Superwoman.  Albeit a very tired one.

The end of the month often brings a frantic crunch for time and deadlines loom ahead with sinister leers.  They taunt me, but this is when I am at my best.  Something about the frantic urgency spurs me into action and pushes me to greater heights.  While I thrive under pressure, many others fall apart.

This leads me to ask: when do you feel you are at your best?  Does pressure help or hinder your efforts?

Just some food for thought.  Me, I'm tired and have one final deadline staring me in the eye.  I hope I conquer it and do it well. 

As the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked . . .

~Best wishes and happy writing~

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  1. I most definitely function best with my back against a non-negotiable deadline. Crunch-time is my-time! In fact, if there isn't one already, I give myself a deadline for every important task. Otherwise, I end up channeling my inner Scarlett O'Hara and worrying about it tomorrow.